The Cool Aid Benefit Album (Double CD)
(Various Artists)

Originally released on LP in 1970, this amazing album captures both the innocence and the time period of Vancouver's Local music scene in the late 60's. Some of the city's top bands of the day appear on this album including Mock Duck, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Hydro Electric Streetcar, Route 9, Blacksnake Blues Band and Spring. The original LP has always been a collector's item and the re-issue has been in the works for a while now.

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The original LP record was titled "Volume 1" and the existence of a second LP had long been a mystery to many as it was never actually released. However, we tracked down the original master tapes for the entire LP plus the unreleased Volume 2 tapes and will be including those tracks on the same CD. There are additional unreleased tracks by Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, Spring, Greydon Moore and Leo Jung, a band called Nancy, Blacksnake Blues Band, Route Nine (listed on the tape box as 'Root' 9), Hydro Electric Streetcar and Mock Duck. The entire CD is re-mixed from the ORIGINAL Multi Track studio tapes and sounds incredible.

Contains footage from the archives of CBC Television in the 60's. See Cool Aid proprietor Elmore Smalley in Historical newsreel footage of the Cool Aid House along with the hippies and residents of Cool Aid. Also features original film footage of 'Mock Duck', 'Papa Bears Medicine Show', Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck' and 'Spring' performing on CBC's Let's Go show in 1968-1969 freshly transferred for this project with remastered audio.

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